5 Reasons to Promote Book More Brides Products

  1. You’re going to make a lot of money!

    With average commissions of $98.50, it adds up quickly.  Let’s do the math,
    shall we?

    10 sales = $985.0025 sales = $2,462.50

    50 sales = $4,925.00

    100 sales = $9,850.00

    Based on 2012 sales of the Automatic Expert System, we expect 5-10% of the wedding vendors who watch our launch videos to buy.

    Let’s say you get 100 people to watch our videos…100 x 7% =  7 sales = $689.50Or 200 people watch our videos…200 x 7% = 14 sales = $1,379

    You could do that with just one email.  Imagine the results of sending more or combining that with social media or a blog post?

  2. Wedding pros are highly motivated to build a 6 figure business.

    The almost universal goal of wedding vendors is to build their business up to 6 figures by getting more leads, booking more weddings and making more money…and they are VERY emotionally motivated to do so.  We’re going to help them do that with the training offered in this system by giving them exactly what they want and need.

  3. This system works!

    We’ve got an excellent reputation in our local wedding community.  These are the exact strategies we’ve used to help us build a 6 figure wedding business, and we’ve tested it successfully with our friends and clients.

    It’s our job to make it easy and actionable and we plan to over-deliver by packing each and every training with value backed up by our money-back guarantee.

  4. The value offered in this event and products totally ROCKS!  It includes…
    • Access to the downloads of all eight weeks of video trainings and webinar trainings.
    • All the pre-written emails, free reports and templates they need to implement the system.
    • Video tutorials outlining exactly how to use each of the recommended resources.
    • Transcripts and mp4s for each training.
    • 7 high-value bonuses to complement the trainings.
    • An Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.
    • All this at an extremely reasonable price that offers unbelievable value and bang for the buck.
  5. It’s a great way to help wedding pros in need and help yourself at the same time.

    If you’ve spent any time talking to wedding vendors these days, you know how much many of them are hurting.  Business is down and they aren’t booking weddings like they did in the “good old days” before the Recession.

    These wedding vendors are scared, frustrated and angry. They’re struggling just to pay the bills and face the threat of losing not only their businesses, but their homes as well. They really need our help.

    We strongly believe in creating Win-Win scenarios. Wedding vendors win when they buy our products because they give them the results they so desperately need.

    We include a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee with every purchase because we’re committed to only making money from products that deliver. When you make money by recommending our products to the wedding vendors who need them, you’re helping them and helping yourself at the same time.That’s a Win-Win.

Watch the Video Below to Tour Our Partnership Program

Case Study: A Super-Affiliate Success Story

In March of last year, Neal Howard of Atlanta’s Best DJ honored us by promoting our Automatic Expert System.  He really went above and beyond…and reaped big rewards as a result.

Neal promoted our event to his list of almost 2,000 wedding vendors. Here’s what he did:

  • Sent multiple emails between August 28th and September 18th.
  • Hosted an interview with us to get the answers to the real questions and objections coming in from his audience.
  • Lots of chatter on Facebook, Twitter and in the chat rooms wherever wedding pros hang out.

Neal’s Results: $3,890.75 in commissions! Plus, a little extra “thank you” bonus from us for being our Super Partner. :)

Our Three Big Event Goals

  1. We want you to make lots of money! This is only the second event launch we’re doing that has only our names on it, and we want to make a lasting impression.  We want you to be absolutely thrilled to be our partner so that we can partner together again in the future.
  2. We want your customers and followers to make money. We ONLY want to succeed by delivering products and services that deliver massive value and help others succeed.  Already we’ve got hundreds of friends and followers thanking us for the assistance our training and support has provided.  We want to win over more fans and make your customers happy, too.
  3. We want to build and grow our reputation and presence in the wedding industry.This is our fifth official year in business as Book More Brides.  Our goal is to make this the start of a long-term, profitable, reciprocal relationship with other members of the wedding industry community.  We’d love to have your help and participation!

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